Dr. Jennifer Wilson Q&A


Why are you running for city council?

Our city does not need career politicians. We need leaders that will represent the people. As a pediatric doctor, wife and mother, and community leader, I understand balancing priorities and working through challenges with conservative leadership and teamwork.


What are your priorities as a council member?

My priorities include better delivery of essential city services, encouraging growth and development, improving the city’s infrastructure, better supporting small business, and further strengthening public safety. I also oppose vaccine and mask mandates and can bring a medical professional’s experience in advocating that we keep businesses and schools open.


What do you believe in?

I am a pro-business and pro-life candidate who believes in community service and conservative principles. As a council member, I believe in limiting government overreach. I will help re-focus the city on more effectively delivering core city services. I also believe in advocating for growth and development all while maintaining Lubbock’s small-town values.


What’s your background?

A pediatric physician, wife and mother, and community leader, I’m a lifelong, proud resident of Lubbock. I am a graduate of Texas Tech University.


I worked for the City of Lubbock Health Department prior to going to medical school which allows me a unique perspective as a previous city employee.


For the last seven years, my service as a doctor has been focused on the children and families of West Texas. I am a pediatric physician for Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in the School of Medicine.


I also believe in giving back. I currently serve as an officer for Regency Park neighborhood association and participate in local charitable activities.


As for my family, I come from a family of public servants and small business owners.  My husband Nick is a fire fighter with Lubbock Fire Rescue. We are raising our daughters, Alyssa and Adi. We lead by example and know that they will be the next generation of strong community leaders.


How will you balance your medical career with city council obligations?

I’m very fortunate as a pediatric hospital medicine doctor to work on a shift schedule. This allows me to meet all my work, home, and civic obligations accordingly. I’m grateful to have a flexible schedule that will allow city council service among my responsibilities.


How does your husband’s job as a firefighter affect your judgment on council matters?

Great question. Nick’s service as a fire fighter and being part of the first responder family allows me to personally understand what all first responders face and what they need from the city. I believe this added perspective is helpful to ensure the best-possible public safety for our citizens. Beyond that, it is important to work with all city department leaders to balance the needs of the taxpayers and prioritize all core services that our citizens depend on. This type of cooperation will ensure that Lubbock has a stable, strong future.

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